About Christine…


I have a unique and creative approach to Wedding design.

I bring a sense of ease and calm to every Ceremony I perform.

I am an award-winning screen writer and work as a professional writer in TV, Film and Radio.  My background is working in theatre, as a professional actor, director and teacher.

My Celebrant work compliments my working life as a writer. As a writer you often live in a writing cave.

After a while you feel like the track suit pants you wear have attached to your legs !

My Celebrant work reminds me of the big, glorious world out there…full of interesting people and stories.  I also get to wear some lovely outfits !

I am extremely lucky to work in this field. I absolutely love my job.


‘You are such a warm, open hearted person. We felt so lucky to have found you. Thankyou so much for your beautiful ceremony. It was just perfect.’

Belinda and Duncan


My office is located at 22 Nicholson Street, Footscray….just near the intersection of Geelong and Ballarat road, opposite Footscray Park. Please phone Mob 0411 953 039 for a no obligation appointment.