Living Wakes


Living Wakes are emerging as a new and powerful ritual in our modern world.

Living Wakes are for people who wish to celebrate their lives with the people they love…

Often Living Wakes are held for people who are dying. But this is not always the case. Regardless of circumstance, Living Wakes give people the opportunity to reflect and honour, in whatever way, the life that is being lived.

For people in their ‘dying time’ Living Wakes give them the opportunity to be at their own funeral…a living funeral. The stories shared, laughter, tears and all that a funeral can encompass is transformed into another rite of passage. The dying person can be an active participant. Naming our ‘dying time’ can be transformative and deeply healing…for the person who is dying and for the people who surround them.

The idea of a Living Wake is not for everyone. But for those who wish to name their deaths and to honour their dying time by giving of themselves in such a way can potentially transform these times.

I would be honored to work alongside people in creating an event that gives them this opportunity.