Naming Ceremonies


‘The Angel that presided o’er my birth said,

Little creature form’d of Joy and Mirth,

Go love without the help of any Thing on Earth’.

William Blake.

Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to welcome our children into this world.

They can be a small, intimate gathering with immediate families… or a large, extended celebration held at a venue. Whatever you have in mind I can help bring it all together in an uplifting, inclusive Celebration.

I have a lot of material that can assist in designing the Naming Ceremony. Naming Ceremonies are not bound by any legal requirements. You can do anything you wish for the naming of your child.

I have held Naming Ceremonies as part of the Wedding Ceremony. Anything is possible.

Young Children can be also honoured and celebrated in a Naming Ceremony.

Please phone me to discuss your ideas.

Mob 0411 953039


‘Thanks once again for your work on Daniel’s Naming. You brought with you such a spirit of warmth, care, grace and generosity. We feel blessed to have had such a day.’

Helen and Robert