Working Across all Cultures and Belief Systems


I love working within the diverse, multi cultural Communities of Melbourne.

Over many years I have established strong connections within the Asian, African, European and Sth Pacific Communities.

I design Wedding Ceremonies appropriate to whichever Cultural Community I am working with.

I honour the Spiritual Beliefs deeply held within each Community.

I have co-conducted Wedding Ceremonies alongside Imams, Buddhist Nuns, Pastors and Priests. Many of my ceremonies are co-translated into other languages.

I have performed Wedding Ceremonies for many Refugees.

I take great care in designing Weddings that authentically reflect the cultures and beliefs of the couple I am marrying. For example I have performed the Greek Stefana and designed many Weddings incorporating the Tea Ceremony.

The Modern Day Wedding is flexible. It can incorporate whatever you wish.

Anything is possible.


We wanted a celebrant who could do the crowning ceremony because I am orthodox and my husband is not. We were very specific with what we wanted and as soon as we met with Christine we knew she was right. There was something about her that was very engaging and understood what we were looking for. We had a couple of stories we wanted to add to the ceremony and she did that really well. She was there, she wasn’t the focus like some celebrants can be, it was about us. We loved how she presented the ceremony and how the whole thing suited ‘us’ and part of that was her being able to transpose our stories. It was perfect! Honestly she was great!’

Deanna K.