Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find my Birth Certificate. I’m not sure if I have one. What should I do ?

Don’t panic. I can accept your Passport and Driver’s License ( or some other form of photo ID ) to fill out the Noim. If you don’t have a passport then we can apply to get your Birth Certificate from the Registry. It is a simple process.

My fiancée is away and won’t be back until two weeks before the Wedding. How can we sign the Noim a month before the ceremony ?

The Noim can be signed with one signature and the Celebrants. It is valid from the date signed. When you fiancée arrives he/she can come to my office and sign the Noim then.

I’d really like my little sister to be a witness at the Wedding. She will be 17 next week, a week before the Wedding. Can she be a legal witness?

There are two legal witnesses who sign the marriage certificates with you on your Wedding day. The witnesses need to be 18 years old or over. They can be a family member or a friend.

I’d like my friend to lead the Wedding. Can you just do the legal bits ?

Yes I can. It’s Your Wedding…not mine. I need to do some parts of the Ceremony so that it is legal but there is no reason why you cannot have what you wish.

I have felt a bit overwhelmed with my Wedding plans. My fiancée is an atheist and my family back ground is Catholic. I am feeling a lot of pressure from my parents. I feel torn.   

What can I do ?

This can be a difficult situation. I have married a lot of couples who were faced with similar issues.

Together, we find the common ground.

We will design a beautiful ceremony which is authentic and has meaning for the two of you. We can also bring in elements that honour your heritage. I have had many parents, deeply moved, come to me after the Ceremony. They have been surprised by how meaningful and delightful the Wedding has been. Anything is possible.

We don’t want any fuss. We’d like a basic Legal Ceremony. Can you do this ?

Yes I can. I design the Ceremony you wish to have.

We went to a Wedding and it seemed to go on for ages. The Celebrant went on and on….

A Wedding should not go on and on. It should be simple, elegant, to the point and well written. Whatever elements you decide to include most weddings I perform are between 20-30 minutes long. This gives the Ceremony the gravitas it needs and also sufficient time to tell stories, listen to music and just be with the event…