Funeral Services


In Extraordinary Times……

I will meet with you and your Families in your home.

I will listen deeply and respond accordingly with an open and kind heart.

It is a great privilege to work alongside Families to create Ritual that reflects and celebrates the life of a loved one who has died.

I believe in helping to design a Funeral Service that is authentic and meaningful. Wherever possible I encourage Families and Friends to participate as much as possible in the Funeral Service.

Having trained with Zenith Virago in Funeral work I bring a refreshing and unique approach to Funeral Design. There are no limitations on what can be included in a Funeral Service.

I will assist and guide in whatever ways I can.

Together we can create a Service that honours and celebrates the life that has been lived.



Thank you for your kind words, generosity and support through, what was a very difficult time.
I think Mum would have loved the whole service. Even an intermission with champagne! It was an appropriate tribute. The horses and carriage were just stunning.
Your readings were lovely and so well paced and thoughtful. I hope our paths can cross again under easier circumstances.
Thanks again,

Sarah and Leo