Let’s Get Married !

It’s Easy…

If you have no idea what to do next then be rest assured many couples feel exactly the same way.

We will keep things Simple.

I will guide you through the process. It’s creative, it’s fun and it is Easy.  ( Can’t say that enough times !)


I have a lot of wedding material available. If you have no ideas, no problems. I can help you on your way.

Your Wedding should be beautiful to hear, succinct, not to mention a whole lot of fun.

What Happens Next ?

After a confirmed booking is made I will send you through some ideas. We will meet, sign the Noim ( Notice of Intention to Marry ) and have a good chat about the ceremony. I will then write a first draft. This is sent to you, changes are made  ( if necessary ) until the wedding draft is exactly how you wish it to be.

You will be surprised how Easy it can be !


‘You were not there for you, you were there for us.’

Richard and Dan