Wedding Information

Happy DaysThis is what I love to see… Happy Brides !

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming organising everything for your Wedding. I have performed hundreds of Ceremonies and what I have learnt along the way is that each Couple has a certain way of doing things.

Some Couples arrive at my doorstep and they know exactly what they want for their Wedding Ceremony….



Other Couples arrive and they know what they don’t want for their ceremony…but have no idea what they do want….

Some Couples have vague ideas

Wherever you are in this journey is completely OK…

Together we will design something for the two of you….perhaps have some of your stories woven into the Wedding Ceremony….perhaps have your Grandparents warm the rings…perhaps have your Children give you away. Wherever you are in your life we will capture, honour and celebrate your life thus far and into the future…

So the next thing to do…

Let’s Get Married.


‘Thanks for saying so many times you can do anything that you want.’

Kate and Leo